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Shamanic Personal 6 Month Healing Course starts saturday 20th March

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Shamanic Personal healing Course (6 months)

We will come together & connect for one full day a month over zoom to learn the Shipibo ways in shamanism for our own personal healing, understanding and growth.

Using the shamanic ways of the Shipibo tribe we will work together as our own tribe/family supporting each other with love, kindness, and compassion whilst we peel back our personal pains and heal those traumas from the deepest level of our souls. There is nothing more worthy than giving ourselves the gift of freedom from those traumas that have held us back for so long and this course has all the tools to enable you your own self freedom!

You are unique!

You are utterly amazing!

No one else can be you!

Stand in your true power and own who you are because you my darling are incredible!!

If this is singing to your heart, then lets do this together and find the magic you have lost within you by healing the past in a shamanic way!


What is covered in this course.


Personal Shamanic Journeying

Shamanic journeying is a way to access the spiritual realms, animal kingdom, plant kingdom & any other realms, planets ect. Shamans use journeying to heal, bring back lost power and to gain knowledge of all things. It is an exceptional tool and one in which you will use often in your life when answers or healing is needed. To access the tools to solid foundations in being an expert in journeying, you will require and learn the following-

Personal Sacred space

This is a place where you feel comfortable, safe and a place that is just yours. This is where you are beginning journeying and set your intentions for your journey. It is also a place where you set boundaries for spirit allowing them to connect with you on your time and space.

Personal Protection

When we work in spiritual practice it is vital you have persona protection. You are unique, your DNA is unique, so it is important to understand protection is also unique.

The shamanic cosmos

The cosmos is set out in three layers or three worlds/realms. These are the places where you will journey to too access different intents.

The lower world/ healing world- This is where we gain healing, meet power animals and receive power.

The middle world- This is the physical world we live in

The higher realm – this is where angelic beginnings, masters, ancestors, lord of time live.


Power animals

You will meet your power animal and understand why you have one, what they do for you, and how to work with them in the future. This will be a life long relationship and one that you can aid you in everyday life.


Shamanic guides

You will have many spirit guides; your shamanic guides are part of your spirit family. They are purely here to assist you in your shamanic growth and understanding and aid you in the healing process you proceed on. They are unlike any other guides, they come with a lot of knowledge in the spiritual realms and great healing abilities in mind, body & spirit. They do not assist you in your own ego requirements but will assist in all areas of healing, whether its personal, client based or land, earth, plant based. They are such amazing individuals and will become lifelong friends.

The drum

The drum is sacred tool. Listening to the sound of the drum enhances your journeying abilities. The rhythm will take you to a trance like state and allow you all access to the spiritual realm. You personally will not be beating the drum (this is my own personal drum who is a connection to my own heartbeat. She is part of me and it is not allowed in shamanic culture to allow others to touch or beat your drum. This is because her spirit is attached to mine and if blended with another’s energy she will not ever beat fully for me again).


Now you have the foundations to journey into the cosmos you will then learn to clear life issues, illnesses, repeated patterns and healing self from the physical life to our soul life and DNA issues from family, the processes you will learn are as follows.


Past life clearance & understanding


You will discover your own patterns & karma you have bought through with you in this life. you will have a greater understanding of the karmic laws that play out and learn how to heal past lives for yourself.

Past lives are how our soul grows and learns via experiencing many different feelings, emotions on all levels. And we also experience issues and problems from our past lives do to karmic influences.

When we work in shamanic vibration such as past lives, we learn to heal the past life traumas, clear them and send the soul back home in one piece. This allows for the issues you are experiencing in this life to stop as the past has now been healed.

Soul retrieval

When trauma happens in our lives any kind of trauma large or small something happens to our life patterns & our soul.

Our soul becomes less than complete.  a small or large piece of soul will leave when the trauma happens. This is where the saying come from “I felt a piece of soul leave when that happened”. Every person walking on this earth has had pieces of soul leave throughout this life time. In soul retrieval we can find the lost piece of soul and bring it back to self to feel complete.

We also clear the trauma, so the patterns do not carry on repeating in our own life and again in our children’s lives, we close the trauma down


Chakra upgrades

Most of us have heard of chakras “the bodies energetic systems”. I have found through out my shamanic life that individuals have a unique energy system. Not the systems we are taught in spiritual practice.

A lot of our chakras are running on an old system very much like an old computer programme that will produce slow out of date chakras”.

With an upgrade to 5demionsal energy systems, it will allow us to bring things into the physical quicker than ever before. This is due to the fast upgrades with connection to the cosmos and spiritual realms and connected fully to our mother earth.


DNA clearance

This is illnesses, patterns that have followed down the DNA line. Sometimes our family inheritance can be painful when things repeat to the next generation. Using this system, you will clear all of those things, close all the traumas down from patterns and illnesses so you, your children and grandchildren do not have to experience them at all.


Personal ceremony

On our last session together we will create a personal ceremony for ourselves to work with all the spirits of lands, elements and directions creating a wonderful ancho for the healing you have completed and healed within yourself. Giving thanks to yourself, your spirit family, earth spirits and your shamanic family

Terms & conditions


  • You are required to attend all 6 classes; it is vital for you if you wish to get the most out of this course.
  • What you learn in this course is for your own personal healing. The tools you learn in this course are not to be shared outside of this course. you are not equipped to teach this to others and could cause more damage to said person.
  • There are no perquisites to attend this course, it is open to anyone who wishes to heal on a deep level.

Cost and payments


The full cost of this course is £600pp if you choose option 1 of payment.


If you choose to pay £125 monthly instalments you will pay a higher price of £750pp in total .


How to pay

1st option

You pay £200 non-refundable deposit to secure your place and then the further £400 to be sent on the day of your first class.


Option 2

You pay £125 non-refundable deposit to secure your place and then a further £125 x 5 months – total payment of £750.


  • Payments must be made as bank transfer or standing order on the 1st of each month
  • If payment has not been made on that month you will not be permitted to attend the class until payment is paid.



Bank details


Stacy keast

Account 05299578

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You will be required to fill out a booking form along with your deposit to secure your place on this course.


A confirmation of place will be sent via email.

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