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Birth your own shamanic drum

Birth your very own drum or rattle with Stacy

Birthing your own rawhide drum
The drum is considered to be a living thing and it contains the spirit of the animal and the trees that were used to make it. It contains the intent you set when making your drum. She will carry you forward with knowledge, healing, wisdom and love…… She will guide you to the journeys that will gift you with the information you seek………..
For me, my drum is in everyway part of me. She is gloriously beautiful and sings with grace, love, honour and so much more. I am offering you to personally come along and make your own rawhide drum and beater. She will be birthed in shamanic ceremony using sage, aqua florida water and journeying with the spirt of the animals and plant that makes the drum. you will aslo journey to the spirit of your drum to connect in such away you will feel the love and strength within her and your bond.
their are several ways to make your own drum, the list is below: I have many workshops in my own home over the year. if you wanted to join others in making your own drum then please look at the workshops & courses page where all the relevant info you will need.
For this it costs £160 to birth a 16inch deer rawhide and beater. It is a full day starting around 11am and finishing for 4pm.
Lunch is included and I ask for a none refundable deposit of £50 to secure your place 4 weeks before the date of course. Full payment to be paid on the day of birth drumming.
You & a friend
A little bit more personal and intimate for you and one other to birth your drums together. This is a really lovely gift if you wanted to do this as a surprise to your friend or partner or even family member.
You can personally choose the size of your drum from 12inch to 18inches. Lunch will be included and I am also happy if its a celebration for a champagne lunch to be offered.
This will be tailored to your own requirements.
Please contact me to quote you a price.
I can also offer a Drum birthing party at your own home (maximum radius of 30mile from Gainsborough)
Min number of 4 maximum numbers of 6 persons.
You will need a lot of table space to work from. the cost of this will be charged £140 pp- a none refundable deposit of £40 each must be deposited when booking is confirmed. Full payment to be made on the day.