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About Stacy

In shamanic cultures, synchronicity are recognized as signs that you are on the right path …….Daniel Pinchbeck

With the suggestion of the above quote I think you have found where you need to be!!

Hello, thank you for looking at my website and wanting to know a little bit more about who I am and where I have gained my knowledge, experience and certifications.

I am a shamanic practitioner. I am connected to the moon, stars, planets, universes, the elements, the plants the trees the spirits and the realms. I can walk in time and space alongside each other, I have the abilities to walk along side my ancestors, my spirit shamanic guides my power animals. I am connected to all things and all things beyond that. I am labelled a “SHAMANIC PRACTITIONER” because I found shamanism not via my birth right as traditional shamanism will tell you but finding it within my soul from as early as the age of 4yrs old.

My grandma’s roots where from Ireland, she had the gift so I am told. She worked with spirit and plants and connected to all things. Unfortunately she died when my abilities started to come through. I did not have guidance from family. In fact my guidance was a slap around the legs for telling lies that I could see spirits of the tree plants and spirits in my bedroom. I had to repress my heart my belonging my spiritual awakening as my family had no understanding of it. I was different and I believe my parents did not understand my sight, my knowing so I had to hide it.

I understand from my resent visit to Tuva Siberia (the heart and founder of true shamanism) after working with a Tuvan shaman I believe the gift of birth right shamanism skips a generation. I believe my gran was a “Celtic shaman” and I have inherited her gifts.

My training was a little all over the place. I began working in developing groups in my early 20s. I trained in many therapies including Reiki Master, EFT, Gestalt therapy, Brandon Bay the Journey, medium-ship. I trained in so many different therapies and I still didn’t feel I belonged, still felt I had not found my calling. This went on for some years. I did become a psychic card reader for many year but this also felt “not right for me”. But it worked for me for some years and I continued to learn other things.

Shamanic Practice came later. It was one afternoon I met a very beautiful and unusual (if you know a thing about shamanism you will understand when I say unusual, shamans are authentic in their own skin- I was carrying a belief of what the norm should look like. Tut tut … it shows how little I knew back then and how I now know, belief systems run in us all that have no purpose for our growth, they in fact stump our growth…..

The shaman who came from north of Europe trained individuals in the Peruvian shamanic practices of the Shipibo. So I started my training with him 2 weeks later.

And gained a practitioner certificate two years later, that was the beginning of my training. I have since been to Peru to work with the plant medicines. My experience was and has been profound, Ayahuassca has been working with me ever since my visit. I can be working with a client when ayahuassca wants to work with the client. She works though my energy field to connect to the traumas that need releasing.

The Shipibo people have found this to be unique, ayahuassca to be working in such a way. They have invited me back to the center in Iquitos to work with ayahuassca again and to teach some workshops whilst out there. A great privilege & honor to be accepted by traditional shamans and maestro’s. To be invited back to work alongside them.

My training is most defiantly not finished, I believe my learning will continue throughout my life and hopefully I will be able to aid others more deeply as my learning continue.

I have also had the opportunity to work with Tuvan Siberian shaman as mentioned earlier. I have been invited back for a month next year to learn more about their traditional shamanic practices, again an honor to be accepted by a Tuvan traditional shaman.

Where ever I learn in the world, I know that just being fully connected to my home land spirits and my helpers in spirit and earth…I will continue to work with people with an open heart, compassion, kindness and to give individuals 100 percent of myself whilst with them. It is an honor to work in the shamanic vibration and I have the up most respect for my learning and understanding of shamanic practice.

Thank you for taking the time to read my profile, if I can assist you in anyway, please go to the contact area and message me. I will be happy to discuss anything about shamanism. It is my life, my love, my passion and forever in my heart.

Until then I send you all my love and blessings xx
Stacy Keast