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MARCH 2020 NEWS!!!!! Hello beautiful people, welcome to my website. I have to be honest and tell you I am not very good with updating the information on my website, its really not my strong point and I apologise if there is a few items out of date. if you want to know more information about anything then please just use the contact page and message me or find me on social media. my page is "stacy keast shamanic practices" on facebook. I seem to operate updates much more officially than I do my website!! 

due to the circumstances of how our world has had to change on a penny due to covid-19, shamanics are no different in how we heal others and the earth, shamans have known about the changes coming for a very long time so please if you can try not to be in fear and stand in your heart to be kind to others and self, getting us back to community and looking out for others is a wonderful thing. Chaos has to happen for the light to be bought in...…………….we are going through some difficult times and change is inevitable but humans resist change so much … all of us do, but I promise the earth is healing and the consciousness on the earth is evolving, we are changing as a race and how things will be operated after this will benefit all consciousness on the earth.

WHATS CHANGING IN STACY KEAST SHAMANICS - all healings and courses are all now done via video link. we can hook up on "WhatsApp. messenger, skype or zoom" for any healings or group courses. This is wonderful as it means we are more connected than ever before "who new isolation could do this??" but it means people all around the world can connect and the courses and healings I facilitate are no different. I will be putting some wonderful group connection workshops on for late spring/summer (I promise I will put them on the website too) but just check in and see whats happening and hopfully I will see you all soon …. I send you my love and blessings. I am hoping you all stay safe.... love, Stacy xxxxx