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What is a Shamanic Practitioner ?

A shamanic practitioner is a healer who moves into an altered state of consciousness to access a hidden reality in the spirit world for purposes of bringing back healing, power, and information. The word shaman comes from Siberia and means "one who sees in the dark" (the hidden realities), and widely refers to those who are medicine women/men, healers, and seers. Shamans/shamanic practitioner believe that all problems, physical, emotional or mental, have their root cause in spiritual imbalance. A shaman works to restore balance and wholeness by addressing the root cause of the problem. Many methods are used in shamanic healing, including soul retrieval, retrieval of a spiritual ally, removal of unwanted energies, soul remembering, ancestral work, psychopomp (helping the deceased to cross over into the Light) and hands on healing. Shamanic practitioners  never work alone, but in conjunction with spiritual allies who guide them in providing what is needed for people.

Why train as a Shamanic Practitioner?

This is often not a decision  made by your own choice, it is generally  a calling, a knowing within you. Sometimes you might have no understanding of what this might mean, but know that this is what you must do. It is a gift you have from within you to be a healer in the oldest form of healing there is. And it is also one of the hardest roads to travel. It comes with a warning.............. when you start your training you will also be opening up your own inner healing and working on yourself to become "your true authentic self". It will not be the easiest road you ever travel, but it will be one of the most rewarding things you will ever do. it will open you up to the belief systems you have carried  within you not just in this life time but in all past lives, your DNA inherited issues, and off course the emotional pains you have had to experience in this life. In your training you will learn to break them down to show you the truth of them, how they no longer serve your highest purpose , how to clear them for good and discover who you truly are in all your truth and honesty and finally become at peace with yourself. This course promises to give you the above for YOURSELF!!!

If you are ready to do the most intense healing on yourself you will ever have the pleasure to experience . And know that whilst you clear your own patterns that no longer assist you in your present life you will be learning how to do the same for others in becoming a Shamanic Practitioner. It is a way of life, a heart felt understanding and a connection to EVERYTHING that has, does and will exist ..... then read more of the below information on the Shamanic Practitioners Course.

What the course will entail

We will meet one weekend day a month for a full day of teaching for 12 months. It is done this way to enable you to absorb  the teachings and honour your own healings. You will also have homework to complete at home within each month. Time in between meeting class is very important for your own healing to heal. There is generally a 28 day healing process on many of the tools we use to heal in the shamanic way. It is very important that you honour this time of healing. You have to heal yourself before you are able to heal others..........I highlight what has just been said. You must be willing to open your heart and look within, see the good with the bad and defiantly  the ugly. If you can do this, then you will no longer hold a fear of what others think of you and therefore becoming a strong and capable healer.

The modules  that are covered in the course are a rainbow of colours and all work to the deepest layer of cellular healing. We will cover the below content.

Shamanic journeying -

You will learn how to move in and out of realities  to gather information, knowledge & healing for self and others'

The Shamanic Cosmos-

These are the three arears you will move to work with your shamanic helpers, guides, power animals to gain information needed for healing yourself, clients, mother earth and universal.

Shamanic guides-

You will grow a relationship with these individuals learning to work with them and understanding them to gain greater healing experiences in all matters.

Power Animals -

These are part of the group of guides you have. you will again gain knowledge of whom they are and why they are here to guide you.

Plant alias-

Great protectors and helpers. You will also work with these to gain knowledge of plant medicine.

Plant medicine-

you will work with the plants to understand healing and protection properties

Shamanic tools

a various amount of tools are used in shamanic practice. You will learn what you need to work as a practitioner and understand the importance of these.


We  will understand the importance to connect with spirit and work in ceremony to heal and gain knowledge

Past life clearance & understanding

You will discover your own patterns & karma you have bought through with you in this life. you will have a greater understanding of the karmic laws that play out and learn how to heal past lives for yourself and clients.

Soul retrieval

When trauma happens in our lives any kind of trauma large or small something happens to our life patterns & our soul.

Our soul becomes less than complete.  a small or large piece of soul will leave when the trauma happens. This is where the saying come from "I felt a piece of soul leave when that happened". Every person walking on this earth has had pieces of soul leave throughout this life time. In soul retrieval we can find the lost piece of soul and bring it back to the client to feel complete.

We also clear the trauma so the patterns do not carry on repeating in our own life and again in our children's lives, we close the trauma down.

Medicine Extraction

We often have attachments in our energy fields. these can cause you to have random thoughts right through to causing you illness and disease. With this work we are able to detect attachments and remove them from the energy field of the client. We work with our shamanic helpers to remove safely

Depossession Healing

This also comes under medicine extraction. Sometimes a spirit will not pass over and there for lose energy as time passes. The become tired and find themselves drifting into a persons energy where they stay. This again can cause thought patterns to be disturbed and off course illness. We learn how to remove the spirit and send them home.

Karma clearing for self

You will learn how to clear all your karma! how amazing is that? but off course as soon as you step out the door you begin creating new karma.

Feather assessment

You will learn how to connect to the spirit of the animal who the feather belongs to. With the connection you will learn how the feather moves and picks up impurities in your clients energy field. The feather is also an aid to remove the attachment or blockage in your clients energy.

Psychopump healing

Psychompump work is healing spirit and earth. As practitioners we heal clients, self, spirt, earth and universe. We are able to connect to ALL and therefore aid healing in all aspects. In psychopump we learn to heal spirit and guide them over to the spirt world.

Etheric Healing

You will learn to work with clients and your own etheric self. This can be achieved via distant healing but generally whilst client is with you.

Shamanic tool & the healing of the drum

This is an important part of all shamanic practitioners. you will build your shamanic bag up with tools to aid you in all your healings and technics

Healing with the elementals

You will learn more about the elementals  and aid them in healing mother earth. in doing so you will gain a relationship with these magical begins and gain access to secret healing technics from them.


you will learn how to work with all elements and learn how to conduct your own fire ceremonies for the future. you will learn how to release, work with the moon & bring in new experiences for yourself.

Understanding Curses & the removal of them

Curses are a major part of some of our world. we have all had some kind of curse with intent spoken to us in aid to hurt us. A lot of the time people are unaware that they have caused a curse and in other cultures, curses are apart of daily life.

We will learn how to remove them, how to detect them. we will also learn the formation of curses to help aid the removal of one.


Pre - Birth

Pre Birth is to understand what belief systems you have bought in by your mother & father. we go back to conception right through to your first breath, feed & sleep to detect your dna belief systems. we will then transform them into very positive personality traits so you can live a free life.


You will learn parts of your personality that have been hidden. we will work a lot with the shadow self so we can understand who we truly are.


Will run throughout the practitioner course. it will weave in and out on a daily basis, entwining with your learnings.

How much will it cost me?

The full cost of the course above is charged at £1400 per person.

I offer 3 options of payment.

option 1

You can pay a £100 deposit to secure your place and pay the rest of the full amount on the first day of training.

Option 2

You can pay a deposit of £350 to secure your place on the course. then pay 3 instalments of £350 every three months

Option 3

You can pay a £120 and pay £120 monthly instalments for 11 months ( to pay this way you will pay a slightly higher total amount of £1,440)

terms & conditions apply...................


The certificate that you will gain will be for "shamanic healing" at practitioner level. This does not qualify you to teach shamanic healing to others.