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 Lightening the path to your own authentic self!!!! 

In shamanic cultures, synchronicities are recognised as signs that you are on the right path …….Daniel Pinchbeck

With the suggestion of the above quote I think you have found where you need to be!!


It took me many years a spiritual path travelled, to find my heart felt path to shamanism, I say shamanism in a form for others to understand the kind of healing that I can do. I wouldn't call myself a "shaman" as I am a westerner, we have yet to find the right words to call this type of western healing that comes from the Shipibo via western teachings. For now we will call it Shamanism until a word is found to introduce for the western shamanic practitioners path.

My spiritual path so far.................

At the age of 4 I was seeing spirit. In my 20s I trained as a counsellor “working with the mind” and later became a psychic therapist for many years. Working with spirit and guiding individuals on their own spiritual journey to enlightenment.  My career as a psychic, went from strength to strength, but I still felt that my heart needed something else…………that was when shamanic healing came into my foresight.

I trained under a Shipibo Tribal Shaman and quickly learnt the steps to becoming a practitioner.  Out of class I was learning even faster. My guides sent me “journeying” for days and I found myself learning so much on a shamanic practice with guided help of my anchesters, guides and my teacher in the physical.

I have been working with spirit from a child and have trained in many therapies including Brandon Bay The Journey, Gestalt, Reiki and many more. The shamanic teachings are by far the quickest way to heal others on the physical, mental & spirit.

I personally take each healing, teaching and circles into my own heart. Each individual that comes into my contact via any kind of healing, is held deep within me.

You matter to me and I promise that I will do my very best with my team of spiritual beings to help you too find your own authentic self……….

A lot of tears might fall with vast  amounts of laughter……….. But I trust within you that you will make the journey and complete the self path of love, with my help and guidance.

Love and blessings always

SilverBear (StacyKeast)